Photo Album

We have many photos to publish, and I will share them as I have time to scan and post. We plan to do an extensive sorting and filing of family photos, negatives and documents going back almost 150 years, and it’s likely we’ll uncover more exciting history. Please check back or subscribe to this blog to be made aware of updates.

(Above) Quarry School, Waukesha, Wis., eastern classroom/upper grades, 1955, starting with the row closest to the photographer: John Lipuma, Mary Ann Gabrysiak, Susan Leitinger, Mike Kirchoff, Nelson DeCabooter, Susan Ruben; Ken Whyte, Karen Stites, Sharon Yont, Gloria Bourke, Lee Majeski, Bob Evans; Ron Millette, Darlene Jensen, Mike Gabrysiak, Penny Beatty, Lydia Rouse, June Faulkner; Mary Luedtke, Phillip DeCabooter, Earl Faulkner, Don Ruben; (standing) Alma Lee (teacher) and Larry Bourke. Photo kindly provided by Mary Ann Gabrysiak-Wianecki.

(Below) Teachers Alma Lee and Mrs. Johnson. Photos kindly provided by Mary Ann Gabrysiak-Wianecki.

12 thoughts on “Photo Album

  1. Joy – Thank you for doing this. It’s wonderful! I can’t wait to see it when it’s done. I remember it well from my childhood.

    1. Hello, Patty! I recall that you and I crossed paths once since grade school. It was outside WMH over 30 years ago. I think of you sometimes when cutting through the subdivision where you and Mark Schroeder lived.
      After 65 lucky years, I’ve had some major health issues, but my primary goals in this life is to organize all I’ve collected about the old and new Quarry Schools into a cohesive, entertaining documentary to share on YouTube. If the docs can continue to buy me more time, I expect to finally make good on this promise in the next year.
      Thank you for posting here. — Joy

  2. I also have a picture of my classmates taken in the basement. I’ll have to find it as it’s been a long time. I attended from 1952 until 1958. I have many stories and would love to share them if that makes sense. Just let me know. This is exciting to me. Jeanne

    1. Oh, Jeanne, I am excited, too. So happy that you reached out. I know it takes times to get around to scanning and writing, but rest assured we wait in happy anticipation. Whereabouts did you live?

      1. I live in Germantown and my sister, Lorraine who also attended Quarry, lives in Muskego. She may have a class picture too and will look for it.

        In fond thoughts, I remember you as a chubby little girl and I remember your mom making felt bookmarks that she would gift to us. I had both Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Lee for teachers. It was nice to see their pictures of so very long ago.

        Thank you so much for responding to my note. I will work on finding that picture. Mostly, thank you for carrying on with a history that in part made me who I am today. That’s pretty special.

    2. Since you and Lorraine live so close, I hope you can make it over here sometime and kick around your old haunts. It may jog some memories, and we love hearing every odd remembrance.

    1. Yes, Jeanette. The basement photo is one we have in our family, too, as my cousin Nancy Racine appears front, center. I have to get to scanning and posting more photos.

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