Freeman photos of Quarry Elementary

I spent part of this winter searching through newspaper archives going back to the 1850s in hopes of finding anything related to the schools that served this neighborhood near I-94 and County F (formerly Hwy 164). Most of this material will show up in the documentary I hope to crank out in about two years.

The most recently dated clipping is from October 1973. Thanks to the generous service of Waukesha Museum researcher John Schoenknecht, I have scans from Freeman photographer Earl Schneider’s original negatives. The caption to the photo below reads: We Count About 75 Kids Plus Pumpkins! Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater would have had a feast at Quarry Elementary School Monday. Students in all six grades brought their Halloween handiwork to the art teacher for judging.

5 of 5

This is the only exterior view, of our beautiful school available from the Freeman. There is absolutely no record of the school with the Waukesha School District headquarters (I was told they literally had NO RECORD OF IT). The Pewaukee City Hall’s Building Department has no permits records going back to the year the school was built. It’s as though the place exists in only a scant few photos and our memories.

Below is the sole interior photo of the school I found on record. It’s from the September 29, 1966, Freeman. The caption reads: Pupils Make Science Display. Fifthgraders at the Quarry school look over a collection of rocks and fossils their class collected as part of their science study. At the display are (left to right) Jerry Martin, 11, of W220-N743 Springdale Rd.; Laura Weber, 10, of W229-N2086 Hy. 164 and Tom Kamp, 10, of W24199-N11 River Lane.

Laura Weber


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Quarry Schoolhouse Quarry Elementary 1964

Welcome. I am Joy Buslaff. My parents, Mary and Rolland Buslaff, moved into the old Quarry School in 1960, and I began attending the new Quarry Elementary that same year. (Sadly, the new school had a short life. It was demolished in the 1970s to make way for American TV & Appliance.)

In 2001 my husband, Dan Savin, and I began renovating the old stone schoolhouse. We hope to put finishing touches on the building and landscape in 2018 and publish our full collection of photos here.

You are invited to use this site to post your reminiscences and photos from your school days. If you’re unsure how to go about posting here, simply e-mail your text or photos to or write to me at W233N671 Redford Blvd, Waukesha, WI 53186.

Former neighbors and the general public are invited to tour
our building and native plant landscape by appointment.



Name these 6th-8th grade class members

Thanks to Barbara Hoover-Markham, we have added this composite class photo to our collection of Quarry School memorabilia. Maybe you, dear reader, can help fill in the names of the unnamed.

Top row (l to r): David Berglund (principal), Marsha Yont, Alan Evans, Bonnie Hoover, unnamed, Linda Wenzel, Dale Fredrickson.

Second row: Joan Leitinger, Michael Hoover, Sherry Whyte, a Thiesenheusen(?), Jack Beatty, Audrey Yont.

Third row: Johnny Lipuma, Joanne Gabrysiak, Carol Riesner, Pedro (Pete) Medina.

Fourth row: Nicki Trenhaile, Tom Evans, Gary Hetzle, Lee Fredrickson, Gerry Rouse.

Fifth row: Bob Palmer, Marty Baumgartner, Laurie Fejnas, Kathy Reidy.

Quarry School/Quarry Elementary photos being added to cloud storage

I’ve begun scanning every negative, photo, and document I can access that relates to either the old or new Quarry schools, the goal being–after Dan and I have completed our renovation–to compose a documentary using these materials. Until then, you’re welcome to check out the materials by visiting the cloud storage linked below. The photo titles are minimal; I hope that’s enough to satisfy you for now — and to inspire you to share your family’s photos from the school and surrounding areas.

Quarry School and local environs:

Quarry School Elementary:

 Did you know that our area’s first school was a log structure located approximately where the I-94 onramp lies near Harris Lumber? The existing stone school (the old Quarry School) was originally called the Lime Kiln School. The newest school, Quarry Elementary, was lost to development in the late 1970s.

Jim Kieso message

October 14, 2012

Dan & Joy,

I drive past the school every afternoon for home.
Thank you for preserving the building and making it your home.
It is looking great!

I had attended Quarry school and was the last class for Mrs. Johnson. My 1st grade.
Then we had Mrs. Holsinger  for 2nd grade and 1st grade for my sister Peggy and cousin Barbara.
Mrs. Lee taught 4-8th.
Then while building the new Quarry school we attended Duplainville school. My brother Bob
class was the 1st grade at the new school. I believe while in 1st grade (Gwen Ruben?) was practice teaching.

At recess some times we would walk over and play with Joy about 1-2? year old.( 1957-58.)

My dad Robert (Bob) and his sisters (Bernice and Marcella) attended Quarry school in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Jim Kieso
Quarry School
grades 1-8

An old [clock] face returns to Quarry School

We couldn’t be more confident that the Telechron 1F312 clock we just purchased off ebay is the right accessory for the Quarry School. This model was widely used in schools beginning in the 1930s, and an eastern classroom photo from 1955 shows one reading 10:41 a.m.

Although we do not have a photo of the clock that hung in the western classroom, its shadow can still be seen on an untreated wall (bottom photo).

We’ve located our “new” clock on the wall opposite its original location because it suits our current-day use of the room, however, when the school was in use, students were always seated with their left shoulders to the windows (this put natural light on the desktops of right-handed students), and the clock would have been visible to them on the western wall.

Does anyone remember watching this style of clock?

As you can see from the to-do list on the original blackboards, our renovation’s not yet complete.