Quarry School book travels to Willamette Valley, Oregon, and back to Wisconsin more than 100 years after its publishing date of 1912

I received an email from a stranger in Oregon asking whether we would preserve an antique book with “Quarry School” stamped inside its cover. I enthusiastically assured this gentleman that we already owned and treasured similarly stamped books, housed within the school’s bookcases, and would care for this one equally well. I then asked the donor if he would send along the story of how the book came to travel from Wisconsin to Oregon. The twist to this story is that this is the famous book by Francis Parkman Jr. called The Oregon Trail.

From donor Ted, written January 15, 2021: “I bought this book at a nearby Portland, Ore., yard sale in 2018. The neighbor selling it said his mom had given it to him in the 1960s. At that time they lived in Kenosha, Wis. I find it interesting that The Oregon Trail book ended up in the Willamette Valley, which was the destination for the Oregon Trail. Also, since it is going back to Quarry School, I thought it was special that the person I bought it from was named Rock!!”

During the book’s interesting lifetime, it was once used as a gift. Inside it is written “To Wesley Dast Christmas 1934.”

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