Another thank-you note for Terlinden contributions to our archives

Thanks to Monica Boomgard, a Terlinden family member, we now have School District #3 (aka Quarry School) certificates earned by Fern and Olive Terlinden for “having been neither tardy nor absent” for full school years (varyingly 171 to 180 days) signed by teachers Iva Graf and Eleanor Peck, as well as a diploma from the Wisconsin Young People’s Reading Circle “as evidence of worthy endeavor and as a token of the value of good tastes and habits in reading” for Fern.

Monica, herself a university professor in education, included a touching letter with the donation of these materials: “… I have enclosed a couple of documents that I found among both my aunt’s and mom’s things. Each had spent time in that ‘little one-room school house.’ And then to know that my Great Aunt Irene was a teacher there was extra special.”

It is interesting to contemplate how these tokens of achievement were treasured and then transported back to Quarry School after originating here between the years 1928 and 1933.

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