Terlinden family reunion brings photos, letters to Quarry School

On the occasion of a family reunion, Sept. 8, 2019, several members of the Terlinden family visited us to tour the school attended by their relatives Carl, Dean, Glenn, Olive, and Fern (the children of Charles Terlinden and Emma Koch). Isabel Imig, who married Carl, was a teacher here.

Thanks to Carl’s granddaughter Jennifer, we have more resources to share, including the two photos that follow.

Carl sits in the front row, fifth from left. Photo is circa 1921.
Isabel was a teacher at Quarry School. These were students in her first grade class.

I meant to show Jenny the special keepsake hanging in our bedroom on a cloakroom hook: the old-style prairie bonnet made by former teacher Irene Koch (Emma’s sister). The bonnet was a surprise birthday present for me arranged by my husband Dan.

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