Long-lost Quarry Elementary School blueprint discovered in 2018!

Thanks to the very thoughtful Matt Newman, director of Sales and Services for School Facility Services in Waukesha, we now have floor plans of the otherwise-erased grade school of our memories: “The attached drawing was found in my blueprint file. It was identified only as Quarry School. Thought you may want a copy of it.”

Quarry School Floor Plan

Ground floor level.

Quarry School Basement

Basement level.

There appear to be no architectural drawings of the exterior, however, Mid-Century Modern architectural stylings from the era by Joseph L. Eichler (see examples below) help one re-imagine Quarry Elementary. (Do you see a resemblance in the low-slung roof line and exposed beams and posts?)

The school was a masterpiece of design, in my opinion; reflective of its era like very few schools; and it’s a tragedy it was destroyed rather than repurposed. — J.B.

Eichler exterior 1.jpgEichler interior.jpgEichler exterior 2.jpg


2 thoughts on “Long-lost Quarry Elementary School blueprint discovered in 2018!

  1. Hi Joy,

    Wow. So great to have those plans. I remember the layout well and I agree with your comments.

    You are correct that the entry doors to the lower grade classrooms (on the east side of the building) were not as shown. Those doors entered near the south walls of those rooms.

    I also recall the entrance to the mimeograph room was from the common hallway next to the stairs. I was sent to mimeograph a few things and I did not have to go into the principal’s office to get to it. I also recall a closet near the mimeograph room where they kept balls for basketball, dodgeball, etc.

    The basement room at the base of the stairs was the library. I don’t recall the basement room at the northeast corner of the building, but I suspect maybe that was for furnace and other mechanicals and perhaps storage.

    On another note, I did find 2 photos related to the 1961 Christmas play (attached). The one photo is taken in the basement of new Quarry – it shows my brother Keith Myers playing Santa, and Mrs. Claus is Etta Riesner (or Reisner?). The other photo was taken in our house just before the play, again my brother as Santa and the elf is Dave Farina.

    Let me know if you have any problems viewing the jpgs. If I run across any more, I will be sure to send them your way.

    Best regards, Charley Myers


  2. Addenda … In my haste to share these drawings, I failed to point out that some of what was illustrated on the floor plan deviates from what was built. The two classroom doorways and two classroom sinks (represented as rectangles in the corner of the rooms) for the lower grades (shown on the top of the drawing) are flipped from how they were built. Perhaps that was to stagger the classroom doorways so students couldn’t look across the hall? Also, I don’t think there was a doorway between the principal’s office and the storage room where the mimeograph machine was stored.

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