Freeman photos of Quarry Elementary

I spent part of this winter searching through newspaper archives going back to the 1850s in hopes of finding anything related to the schools that served this neighborhood near I-94 and County F (formerly Hwy 164). Most of this material will show up in the documentary I hope to crank out in about two years.

The most recently dated clipping is from October 1973. Thanks to the generous service of Waukesha Museum researcher John Schoenknecht, I have scans from Freeman photographer Earl Schneider’s original negatives. The caption to the photo below reads: We Count About 75 Kids Plus Pumpkins! Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater would have had a feast at Quarry Elementary School Monday. Students in all six grades brought their Halloween handiwork to the art teacher for judging.

5 of 5

This is the only exterior view, of our beautiful school available from the Freeman. There is absolutely no record of the school with the Waukesha School District headquarters (I was told they literally had NO RECORD OF IT). The Pewaukee City Hall’s Building Department has no permits records going back to the year the school was built. It’s as though the place exists in only a scant few photos and our memories.

Below is the sole interior photo of the school I found on record. It’s from the September 29, 1966, Freeman. The caption reads: Pupils Make Science Display. Fifthgraders at the Quarry school look over a collection of rocks and fossils their class collected as part of their science study. At the display are (left to right) Jerry Martin, 11, of W220-N743 Springdale Rd.; Laura Weber, 10, of W229-N2086 Hy. 164 and Tom Kamp, 10, of W24199-N11 River Lane.

Laura Weber

4 thoughts on “Freeman photos of Quarry Elementary

  1. Hi Joy,

    Great that you are doing so much to preserve the history of Quarry school. I was there until 1966, and then got moved to the new Banting school for 6th grade. In the 2nd photo in this email, Jerry, Laura, and Tom were in my class, but Tom’s last name was Kramp, not Kamp (the Freeman’s typo).

    I remember the Webers (Laura, Donna, and Ken) lived beside the Cities Service gas station across from the gun club. Bob Doormeyer lived on the farm right across from the school. Jerry Martin was on Springdale as noted, just down the road from Jackie Turner and her older brother (Jeff?). I lived in Takoma Hills just off Bluemound, near the Sallman’s and Ladewigs. With 10 kids, I think there was a Sallman in almost every grade at Quarry, regardless of the year (Ron, Jerry, Joanne, Donna, Judy, Jim, John, Rick, Mark, Dave). I saw the 8 survivors at Ron’s funeral ~1.5 years ago.

    I think I have one or two negatives of a Christmas pageant inside the new Quarry school, but will have to spend some time to find them.

    I seem to remember your Dad driving you to school in a very cool older (1940’s?) black car, and knew that you were living in the old Quarry school. I recall that Beverly and Dennis Zeke lived just on the other side of the bridge from you, on the edge of the quarry. And across 164 and slightly north of you were tarpaper type houses where Mike Medina, Bob Blaedow, and ?Dominic? (Can’t remember his name but his family moved to Texas while I was at Quarry) lived.

    Well, I could go on a long time here recalling people and events. But I am so glad that you are keeping the Quarry memories alive for us all.

    Take care,

    Charley Myers


    1. You’re ticking off a lot of familiar names, Charley, and, yes, Dad did always drive me to school in a dated auto. You know I’d go crazy if you could find any additional photos.

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