Name these 6th-8th grade class members

Thanks to Barbara Hoover-Markham, we have added this composite class photo to our collection of Quarry School memorabilia. Maybe you, dear reader, can help fill in the names of the unnamed.

Top row (l to r): David Berglund (principal), Marsha Yont, Alan Evans, Bonnie Hoover, unnamed, Linda Wenzel, Dale Fredrickson.

Second row: Joan Leitinger, Michael Hoover, Sherry Whyte, Donald Turner, Jack Beatty, Audrey Yont.

Third row: Johnny Lipuma, Joanne Gabrysiak, Carol Riesner, Pedro (Pete) Medina.

Fourth row: Nicki Trenhaile, Tom Evans, Gary Hetzle, Lee Fredrickson, Gerry Rouse.

Fifth row: Bob Palmer, Marty Baumgartner, Laurie Fejnas, Kathy Reidy.

9 thoughts on “Name these 6th-8th grade class members

  1. I found a paper my mom saved (she saved so much, bless her soul) which lists the graduating class of June 8, 1961. In addition to those people already named above, there are these names: Gary Hetts, Janice Malott, Kathleen Riedy. Can you folks match them with those left unnamed in the photos?

      1. Hello, Debra. I’m happy to fill in your brother’s name. Thank you for providing that missing bit of info. Did you also attend either the old or new Quarry School?

  2. I had to leave after my father died in 1958. Else I could have been a member of this group. So now I have a question. When Berglund became the principal, was Mrs. Lee retired? So many names I remember, Sherry Whyte and loving her hill that we would sled down each winter. And then, Tommy Evans who I had this huge crush on. I still need to find my old pictures and sent them. All I need is little time to do so.

    1. Mrs. Lee kept teaching after you left. Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of having her as a teacher due to the way the classes were doubled and up split across the four new classrooms. During my era (1960-1966), Betsy Holsinger taught first and second grade, Miss Lokemon taught third, Elaine Spelius taught fourth and fifth, and Rosalie Carpenter taugh sixth. During my years we had three principals: George Cate, Francis Eshman, then Carpenter. My parents were custodians for the old school and for a short time at the new school, then replaced by Mr. Majeskie.

      Jeanne, I know what you mean about finding the time. I have a fistful of mimeographed items, such as Civil Defense instructions and graduation exercises, that I must scan and post. Well, the plan to is compose a whole documentary actually. Ah, just have to keep working at it. (Sigh)

  3. These are the ones I remember. Joanne Gabrysiak Strode To row, David Berglund, principal, Marsha Yont, Alan Evans, don’t remember next two, Linda Wenzel, Dale Fredrickson, Row 2 Joan Leitinger, Mike Hoover, Sherry Whyte, — —- Jack Beatty, Audrey Yont Row 3. John or Jim Lipuma Joanne Gabrysiak, Carol Riesner, Pedro Medina Row 4. Nickie Trenhaile, Tom Evans, Gary Hetzle, Lee Fredrickson, Gerry Rouse Row 5. Bob Palmer, Marty Baumgartner, Laurie Fejnas, Kathy Reidy. I’m not sure all the spellings are correct but am pretty sure about the names.

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