Violet Migach LaFratta Tinnes

STUDENT 1922-1928

Violet Tinnes and Shirley Wery stopped in to visit  Mary Buslaff at her home, the Quarry School, on August 4, 1999. I was there doing some maintenance when I saw Violet and Shirley drive in. Violet told me that she was a student of the Quarry School and lived across the street. Shirley is Violet’s friend, and Shirley’s daughter, Brenda, is married to Richard Herzog who also lived across the street. Violet went to school with Richard’s father, Herman. I gave them a tour of the old schoolhouse, and we went in to visit with Mary. Mary, Violet, and Shirley talked about the people and the past while I took notes. The following is the account of what Violet remembers.—Dan Savin

I started at the Quarry School in 1922 when I was six years old. At that time we lived on the south end of the Waukesha Lime & Stone Company in one of the company houses. My dad worked for the company for many years.

We moved right across the road from the school, and my sisters Josephine and Frances started in 1924 and 1925. My other sisters, Helen and Alice, started in 1928 and 1929. Then my brother George started the school in 1941.

There wasn’t much done to the old school to change it. The desks in the school faced the west, and in the north corner was the furnace which burned wood during the winter months. The blackboards were on the north side of the wall. There wasn’t much to the landscape, only a few bushes and a big tree in the front of the school. The Hackberry tree was planted [1930s] after I left, which was in 1929, I switched to a religious school for two years. Then moved on to Waukesha High School, but did not graduate.

Some of the teachers were: Mrs. Iva Graf, Miss Bischel, Miss Caroline Beck and Miss Peterson. We only had pencils, tablet, and crayons in the little room. When we got to the big room, we could use ink pens with ink wells, which were in the top right corners of our desks. Back then the girls sat in front and boys sat behind, which then led them to dunk our braids in the ink wells.

We also had a hectograph, which was our copy machine, and it was made of a substance like gel but a little more firm. Our teachers would use this machine to make copies of our assignments and tests.

Every morning we stood up at our seats and faced the American flag and said the “Pledge of Allegiance.” We would put the flag out every morning school started and took it down before we went home in the afternoon. One of the memories I have is that we would always have school holiday for President Washington and President Lincoln’s birthdays.

I don’t recall any of the years, but do remember the students who had started a little while after I did. They were: Lloyd and Milo Schultz, The Martellos (Mary, Angelo, Mike, Lena, and Emma), The Heinzelmans (Anton, Frances, Dorothy, Mark, and Eugene). There were a few other students, but I do not recall their names or the years.

I enjoyed the school very much during the years that I attended.

* * *

Obituary for Violet A. Tinnes

Violet A. Tinnes of Waukesha, passed away peacefully on Friday, April 27, 2012 at Waukesha Memorial Hospital at the age of 96 years. She was born on January 20, 1916, in Waukesha, the daughter of George and Bertha (Panawaski) Migach.

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